Nicola Villa. Graphic Works 1996-2016

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Nicola Villa. Graphic works 1996-2016

With Nicola Villa. Opera grafica 1996-2016, Michele Tavola has catalogued the artist’s entire body of graphic production so far, from his first works in the Nineties to the work he is doing today.

This publishing project arising from the synergy between emuse and Galleria Bellinzona takes form in the first annotated catalog of engravings published as an eBook in Italy.

Nicola Villa is a multi-faceted artist who has taken up graphics with enthusiasm, constancy, and technical skill. His works investigate the urban environment and its social dynamics, stigmatizing the difficulties and complications that arise in relationships between people: through his artistic research, Villa provides an unblinking gaze at the milieu of our daily lives and the living stage around us in which we are players ourselves.

The volume contains the technical data sheets of all the graphic works done by Nicola Villa over the last twenty years accompanied by descriptions of his techniques, which are sometimes mixed and juxtaposed with masterful originality and precise references to their print runs. This catalog is presented with a critical text by the author and accompanied by other materials providing further detail.

The Italian/English version of the annotated catalog comes in both paper and eBook form.

The French/English edition is available only as eBook.

The deluxe edition, printed in 100 copies, features the engraving Walking done by Nicola Villa expressly for this special occasion.